October Update

The famous and beautiful Vonda Shepard, star of Ali McBeal, renews her agreement with Chelsea for the World excluding the USA and Canada, new album pending. James Carter, composer of Help is On The Way, is sampled in many big hits including "How Ya Doin’" by Little Mix and agrees publishing representation for the World, excluding USA and Canada. The Dutch superstar Andre Rieu has a new album released in Novemeber, a potential No I. Alfie Boe’s new album Trust scheduled for big success produced by Larry Klein released in Nov another potential No I. Michael Bubble’s recording of the classic Come Dance With Me featured on his recent album To Be Loved, Chelsea Music have enjoyed great success representing Tony Iommi, with Black Sabbath’s No 1 album 13. In the Synch world Bond’s Winter a major campaign for Jeep in Italy, other songs being used in Sych include It’s Good Day for Garnier and D.1.S.C.O . Very talented Joni Fuller appearing at the Notting Hill Arts Club Oct 15th.

June Update

Chelsea Music represent Black Sabbath’s Tony Iommi. The new album 13 goes straight into the top 40 album charts at NO I. Chelsea Music are also enjoying success with Little Mix ‘s How Ya Doin, a hit single off a very successful chart album. The Garnier Ad featuring It’s A Good Day written by Peggy Lee published by Chelsea Music is No 18 on the PRS top 40 played songs across UK TV and Radio commercials through 2012.

January Update

Chelsea Music have acquired the Uk rights to many of the songs in the Crystal Music catalogue owned by the Sonny Burke family including Wish You The Merriest. Also songs from hit producer and writer Jon FX s catalogue including the hits of Gyptian. There has been album success with Andre Rieu and the Movie Themes album and Glenn Hughes ‘s Black Country Communion album Afterglow and Art Garfunkel’s The Singer. Also many new Synchs including Bill Wither’s Lovely Day for Wonga UK, Ole Ole Ole for BT Infinity, Quand Tu Es la(The Game of Love) for Tesco/Warl . Working Title’s use of Ole Ole Ole in Senna. Aint That A Kick In the Head for Asda In Store, Nice To Go Travelling for Unicredit Europe.